Stella Increased Energy and Strength
Results HQ has done so much... I think first and foremost it’s kept me sane.... I always come at lunchtime and this breaks up my day perfectly... instead of having a mid-afternoon slump I'm am buzzing! If the day hasn't been going too well; after about the fifth burpee I really don't give a damn anymore... and if it’s a person annoying me...well the boxing bags get it! So apart from keeping me sane the HQ classes have totally boosted my confidence. I'm bullet proof and invincible... well nearly; unless I come off my mountain bike - but that is another story! In the classes I feel constantly challenged... and asking " want me to do what?! Can you demonstrate that!!!" Someone once told me it is beneficial to get out of your comfort zone... Results HQ sessions do that... in the nicest, safest way possible! I feel I don't need to mention massive increase in strength, endurance and fitness; * I have met a lot of people who say "ooh I don't think I can do that"... I sometimes think this myself.... but it really is amazing what you can do if you put aside your fears and doubts, place utter trust in the trainers and go for it. These sessions are immensely FUN, definitely challenging and I always walk out the door experiencing a huge sense of achievement.*
Stella Lacey