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Member of the Month – Mary

Mary is now a machine when it comes to pumping weights, she is one of the strongest females at the gym! Mary has been a member with us for just over a year. She has always been involved in fitness, teaching Pump and Step classes for many years as a passion. When Mary joined Synergy […]

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Let’s face it, it is incredibly frustrating to see drive-thru burgers for a couple of dollars when you’re trying to eat well and can’t seem to find a nutritious meal for a decent price. The low cost of less nutritious food may be tempting, but the investment in your health is well worth it. The […]

Straddy’s team evens the score

Our ‘in house’ Results HQ Games were held for the second time this year last Friday! The RHQ Games was a big success back in July and the one held last Friday did not fail to impress!! Straddy was back with a vengeance this time round as his team lost back in July to Sarah’s […]

Suffering from SAD!

Brrr it’s cold out there, here we are right in the middle of a cold snap, how are you feeling! When the weather turns cold and daylight hours dwindle, it’s easy to blame seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for a blue mood. Sound like you, here’s 5 proven ways to lift your spirts and get you […]

10 Common Misconceptions about Protein Supplements

Since the introduction of our new NZ made NZSS range we have fielded a lot of questions about the benefits of using supplements and what impact they can have on the results we work so hard for in the gym. In light of this we’ve put together this short article outlining 10 of the most […]

It’s official, Kettle Bells Rock!

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s Department of Exercise and Sport Science conducted a training study about Kettlebells. Here are the results: Significant improvements in VxO2max (arerobic capacity); Improvement in leg press strength; Improvement in grip strength; Enhanced dynamic balance; Improvement in core strength. This confirms what we (and those Russian soldiers!) know already; Kettlebells are […]

Technology steps up accuracy

Ever wondered how accurate your smartphone or wearable device is when it comes to counting your steps? The testing of 10 smartphone applications and wearable devices found that most were accurate in tracking step counts, with smartphones demonstrating the higher level of accuracy. Journal of American Medicine

4 Simple Exercises to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Here’s the thing; as the years go by you lose elasticity in your joints and connective tissue, this becomes more obvious as we continue to keep up a regular exercise regime. Out of blue you feel pain doing the simplest of exercises and you seem unable to ‘stretch it out’. A good massage is one […]