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Lean Fit Results

“I joined the Synergy 8 week challenge to try and decrease my body fat and weight and achieved both results! I really enjoyed the atmosphere with the same group pushing our way through, it is very motivating! I have reduced both my body fat and weight and have come out with some good friends! The last 8 weeks have been a lot of fun! :)”

Nicki has continued on with our Results HQ programme and has now lost around 20kgs!
“I feel stronger, fitter, more confident in myself and enjoy challenging myself physically – I never thought I would ever enjoy doing a burpee or a pull up – but I honestly do now! The people I have met through the classes are fun, positive, super supportive and just fantastic people to be around – and using the MyZone app for friendly competition with them helps to keep me motivated. I look forward to heading along to the classes each day and Results HQ for me has been really fun way to make some awesome new buddies and generally feel stronger and healthier in my life. There is a cool team of trainers who have been so helpful and motivating and have made Results HQ into a community so working out is now a fun thing to do instead of a chore!”

*Individual results may vary


Donna Williams-Stewart reduced her body fat percentage by 4.5%, dropped 6.2kgs on the scale and reduced her BioAge by 6.5 years

“I had been with Synergy gym for about 2-3 months when I saw the LeanFit Challenge. I was on a roll, this seemed to be the next natural next step, so I signed up. I’d always heard about people writing down what they ate in a diary and thought why would you do that? 6 weeks into the Challenge, the light bulb went on, this eating plan is doable, and I could see why. I discovered, I can replace foods with more healthy options, eat small amounts regularly. I’d also heard that too. Also, it was OK to eat that chocolate bar, but don’t go nuts, then, get back on the track.

I’m really pleased with the results and have gained more knowledge about the foods I am eating and I’m getting fit along the way, that’s a bonus, but I’m enjoying that too. When I heard the 80/20 percentage split, 80% food and 20% exercise, I had another light bulb moment. You won’t know until you try it. Your hard work will definitely pay off. I could go on, but I think the results speak for themselves! Lisa-Maree and Sarah genuinely want to help you reach your goals!”