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Karen Braid

Karen Braid

Personal Trainer - Co Manager


Passion for Fitness, dedication to your success.
I am a professional personal trainer dedicated to you, I help my clients achieve their fitness goals by listening to them and having a understanding of what they are wanting to achieve and guiding them with a plan and keeping them motivated and engaged to get them to their goals.

What I love about my job is meeting different people and working with each individual, educating them, encouraging them and supporting them to get to their goals. Building strong relationships based on trust, consistently working hard and great communication are key drivers to gaining success.

My inspiration was going through my own fitness journey, where I lost 30kg and learnt a lot about myself, how to get fit and healthy and what it takes to stay that way by using a personal trainer and it became my passion over the past 4 years and I wanted to impart this knowledge to my clients, friends and family so packed in my 27 year sales job and retrained and am now in my happy place, doing what I love.

Come and train with me as I care about my clients and what they are trying to achieve. I am always looking to make improvements and learn more so that I can pass this information on to help them and it’s not about me, it’s about them (you).

Committing to change and making it part of your routine is key to success, start now.

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