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Your continued enthusiasm and participation in the Results HQ Sessions is awesome, keep it up! The effectiveness of these sessions in getting us fitter, leaner and stronger is being acknowledged with bookings at all time high. We’ve got to keep challenging and improving so there’s a few important updates below you need to be aware of, thanks for taking the time to check these out.
Sarah & the Training Team.

 New Trainer Adds Expertise.

Porfile Pic Bec Web

Most of you would have met Becs, our (newish) trainer. She has just returned from dancing her way around America, competing in various Salsa competitions. Becs comes from a diverse background of sport and fitness including netball, tennis, pilates, yoga and has been dancing for over 16 years across multiple genres. Becs was driven to the fitness world through a personal journey of battles with her health and injuries which have inspired her to want to help others. She believes that “nourishing and healing the body is the foundation for health, then anything you set out to achieve is possible!” Having worked in pharmacy for 5 years and going on to study Personal Training at NZIHF, she has expertise in areas of weight loss, natural health and nutrition. She likes to take a holistic approach to training and exercise, looking at the whole picture, combining health, body and mind to create positive lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.

Becs is teaching Tuesday, Thursday SBT sessions and is also starting a New Hit Cycle session from next Thursday 25th August at 6pm!

Checkout Bec’s Intensive Pilates Reformer Programme here.

Hit Cycle

Spin Bike

It is exciting that Hit Cycle is now up and running as part of the Results HQ sessions! These are 35 minute sessions where you will burn mondo calories, improve your cardiovascular health and tone your body (in particular your legs) and strip fat off your stomach area! See the timetable below for session times.

The Thursday sessions starts from the 25th August and the Monday session starts from the 19th September. Bookings are limited to 9 bikes and you must book in to reserve your seat!

Courtesy Beats Policy

To us RHQ is a great community within our club, a community of members who are committed to working hard and enjoy the camaraderie that is created training in small groups. For this reason we’ve relied on goodwill and courtesy over Policy to manage the bookings process. Even though we have capped numbers (only 7 spaces left) we are running into problems with classes having a waiting list of 2-3 people who miss out when maybe only 6 of those booked show up.  It’s an easy fix though if we can work together.

Please stay on top of your bookings and be considerate of others, if you can’t make a session go online and ‘early cancel’ (this will trigger auto email to next in line) or if within 12 hours please call us a minimum of that 4 hours in advance. (we’ll get on the phone to the next person) That way we can ensure someone doesn’t miss out. We recommend that you pre book your sessions for the week on the Friday before. Sessions will be capped at the following numbers:

• RHQ Combo: 8 Spaces
• Hit Cycle: 9 Spaces
• Raw Fitness: 10 Spaces
• SBT: 10 Spaces

Mindbody sends you email reminders of your bookings so please check they are coming to your ‘inbox’ also remember you can manage all this from the Mindbody App.         download here.

New ‘UNLIMITED SESSIONS’ rate $79.00

Effective 19th September all new or re-joining RHQ memberships will be $79.00 per month. Current RHQ Members are not affected by this change. We do have limited capacity for these Small Group Personal Training Sessions so if you have friends or colleagues who are keen to get involved let us know and we’ll give them a trial.

 Next Results HQ Challenge Session!

Wednesday 12th October 12 – 12:40 pm
It is about time we do another social event / challenge. With a few new faces around, it will be a good opportunity to introduce them to the ‘fun’ we can have whilst completing against each other. Any fitness levels are welcome… although you are all pretty fit 🙂  Email if you are keen to participate. As usual we will have Sarah’s team against Straddy’s team…..

Your Results HQ Members entitles you to:

  • Unlimited small group sessions per week
  • Body composition testing every 8 weeks
  • Nutrition advice and guidance
  • Gym programme every 3 months
  • Get to participate in social events such as the RHQ Games

Results HQ Timetable

Results HQ Timetable

12:10 pmHIT CycleSBTHQ ComboHQ Combo
12:50 pmSBT
6:00 pm HQ ComboSBTRAWHIT Cycle

click here for live version.