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Row like an Olympian – August Challenge

This year the NZ Olympic Squad is tipped to haul in 23 Medals with nearly 1/2 of them (11) anticipated from our Rowing Team. In anticipation of a strong showing by the team, we’ve decided this month’s Members Challenge will be Indoor Rowing on the Concept 2. The benefits from rowing are numerous and the opportunity to easily improve in second to none.

This month your challenge will be to Row 42,195 meters in the month of August. This distance is rowing’s ‘marathon’ distance.    If you feel this is too much for you then why not take on the ‘half marathon’ distance of 21,097 meters – just let the team know.

Rowing is probably the most effective and least understood conditioning exercise in the club, it’s no surprise that it’s widely adopted by Crossfit as one of their workouts.

3 simple things that will make you faster!

In 1 month 90% of ‘gym’ indoor rowers could make massive improvements in their times by doing just 3 things.

  1. Learning the basic technique to use the right muscle groups and avoid injury
  2. Understand how to set up the ‘damper’ best for their specific muscle and cardio fitness (80% have it set wrong and the other 20% just guess right)
  3. Follow some simple drills to improve leg drive and timing which improves the ‘power curve’.

So this month we’ll be

  • Showing you the benefits of Rowing and the muscles you engage through different stages of the stroke
  • Teaching you how to use the Damper for best results
  • Providing Video’s of best technique and common errors
  • Giving you a sample beginners and advanced program to follow.

Visit our August Members Challenge page

By the end of the month, you’ll know how to use the Indoor Rower effectively and correctly, you’ll be fitter and faster over 500m… and you may even enjoy it!