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September Kettlebell Challenge

Kettlebell High-Pull


The kettlebell high-pull is a great, physically demanding exercise that uses multiple groups throughout the body. It is part squat, part up-right row, mainly engaging your quads, glutes, and hamstrings initially, followed by your abdominals, deltoids and trapezius.

Kettlebell High Pull uses the complete Posterior Chain.

As multiple muscles groups are used, your cardiovascular system will improve, as there needs to be an increase oxygen supply to the muscles. You will sculpt and improve your physique throughout the month.  This is a technically demanding exercise, it is suggested you do not do reps to failure, instead perform as many reps as you can and once your form starts to fail, have a 2 minute break and continue with your reps.

The Kettlebell High Pull can easily be used as part of a HIIT cardio routine or the sole exercise of a HIIT routine. As the movement is a full body movement, a lot of Oxygenated blood is required to a lot of large muscle groups ensuring you are well and truly in the fat burning zone.

Correct Technique:  Short Clip from Phil & Sarah with technique demonstration and explanation.

Here’s a link to a 2 minute Kettlebell High Pull Combo used by MMA Coach, Joey Alvarado,  check it out here 

The challenge in September is to complete between 300-1000 reps in the month

Ultimate challenge at the end of the month: Complete as many kettlebell High-pulls as you can within 1 minute