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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Results HQ Small Group Training

Are you ‘time poor’? Do you thrive on the motivation of working in Small Groups and want to get the best out of every workout?

At Synergy our HIIT Results HQ program is the place for you. If you’re serious about achieving results these 30-minute sessions are the answer. Some of the sessions you can expect to find are HIIT Circuit, TRX HIIT and Results HQ Extreme sessions.

  • HIIT CIRCUIT: Circuit style sessions with a combination of cardio, weights and body-weighted exercises. This is a good stepping stone to the HQ Extreme sessions
  • TRX HIIT: A combination of strength and cardio training using TRX straps, your body weight and gravity. The workouts are 30 minutes and the training system allows you to easily progress or regress exercises to suit your body so you to work to your own level of intensity! Using the TRX straps activates your core whilst doing the exercises, giving you a whole body workout!
  • Results HQ EXTREME: This is a high intensity full body workout using kettle bells, barbells, dumbells weights and body weighted exercises. You will be guaranteed to sweat and increase your fitness levels by joining this class! If you want a physically and mentally challenging workout then this one is for you!

Month by Month Membership (No Contract):

  • $79 per month for unlimited sessions (Synergy members)
  • $119 per month for unlimited sessions (non-members)
  • $150 10 Trip
  • $18 Casual

Expert Coaching

Our Coaches deliver a range of sessions with specialized equipment in our purpose-built Results HQ studio. The sessions are designed to achieve specific goals or provide more advanced training sessions typically the reserve of traditional Personal Training.

Your coach will critique techniques and often add a personal challenge component to a session.

How it Works

  • Strictly limited group sizes (between 2-12 people) gives you more attention from the Trainer
  • The latest exercises and expertise to keep you sharp and motivated
  • Specialised Equipment in a purpose-built environment
  • Coaching + Motivation + Intensity = Quality training for the time you invest
  • Easy online booking via your Results HQ membership

Join Results HQ – you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited Small Group Training sessions.
  • High intensity workouts with quality, motivation and coaching assured.
  • The latest training trends, tips and ‘insider secrets’ to stay ahead of the game.
  • 60% off Body composition analysis (only $25)
  • Invitations to participate in social events such as the RHQ Games

Results HQ Interest

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Ajay Singh

“I have been going to the gym for a long period of time, however I decided to join the Result HQ sessions at Synergy Fitness. After doing sessions over a period of time, my results were surprisingly good. Sure enough, my body leaned up and I discovered new well-defined muscles but the biggest difference I felt was in my brain. The trainers have well mixed up the intervals with body weight and resistance based exercises. Switching between cardio intervals and strength has really worked beautifully for an all over conditioning of my body. After the sessions i feel more energised, sleeping better at night and pleasantly my muscles get sore (which means I am making physical improvements). As a result, the above has helped me to make better food choices and has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Synergy.”

Victoria Meier

“I have been a member at Synergy for over two years and I am still loving training here. I joined the gym to increase my physical strength and to support my mental health and general well-being and it has delivered on all fronts. I feel like I can come here, train hard out to relieve the days pent up stressors and at other times it feels more like a social experience where I catch up with like-minded folk, have a laugh and engage in light-hearted competition.

If you are keen for a challenge, I highly recommend the Results HQ extreme classes with Straddy. He is a true professional who has the ability to help drive his clients to achieve their best. You might leave sweaty but never disappointed.

The recent addition of Myzone has added a new dynamic to my training routine, specifically the goal function which I have found to be increasingly motivating. It has also created a wider social support with connections to others training with Myzone.”

Mary Borisova

“I’ve been training at Synergy Fitness and doing Results HQ classes for over five years now and loving it! I originally joined to just get a bit fitter but over time goals evolved to attempting CrossFit and other competitions, which required getting A LOT fitter and learning various movements which I was not familiar with. Straddy, my trainer at Synergy and the RHQ sessions have been great for helping me achieve my goals.

Results HQ sessions always push your boundaries and challenge you and the variety of workouts is great, you never know what you’re going do till you get there (and sometimes it is best not knowing until the last minute!).

The team of trainers are fantastic and members are all very friendly. The gym and the RHQ classes in particular have a great community vibe where everyone supports one another and makes working out fun.”