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Straddy’s team evens the score

Our ‘in house’ Results HQ Games were held for the second time this year last Friday! The RHQ Games was a big success back in July and the one held last Friday did not fail to impress!!

Straddy was back with a vengeance this time round as his team lost back in July to Sarah’s team! Yes… Straddy’s team got the job done this time, coming out on top of Sarah’s team with a convincing win…

The event kicked off with a group challenge where the respective teams had an opportunity to gain valuable points to add to their total score in the main HQ event. The challenges ranged from performing pull ups, answering quiz questions and even eating weetbixs! Straddy’s team gained a whopping 80 points compared to Sarah’s team who only managed to score 20 points.

The main event followed which comprised of the two teams completing against each other performing exercises such as press ups, squats and TRX rows. Each team had 7 participants who squared off against each other, the goal was for each team member to perform the greatest number of repetitions of these exercises in 60 seconds. Amazingly, there were only 22 reps separating Straddy’s and Sarah’s team (920 & 898) respectively. However once the bonus points were added to the tally, Straddy’s team was the outright winner!! (1000 & 918)

A big shout out to Deryk Whyte who took out the award for the most amount of repetitions for the press ups and the TRX Row and Lisa-Maree Millar who took out the squats!!

After the event we all scrubbed up and went out for some drinks, laughs and good banter.

We will hold another Results HQ Games early in the New Year. Email or have a chat to one of the staff at Synergy Fitness if you are keen to join the next event.

Everyone is welcome.