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Swim Holiday Programme

Term 3 School Holiday Program

8th to 12th October
The school holiday program is a great way to help swimmers of all age groups accelerate their skill development. Daily lessons help to improve swimming confidence and allow for good swimming habits to be practiced with repetition, enabling the skill to be more easily learned. At the advanced level, we'll introduce some of the methods used by competitive teams to get the best results.

Levels 2 & 3

Jellyfish & Turtle

This holiday program session will enable students to improve their swimming stamina with subsequent lessons increasing the distance of the swim. This will benefit students that struggle with the technical aspects of swimming, the increasing distances or with confidence.  

Level 3 & 4

Lobster & Octopus

This training will focus on starting with the basics at the start of the week and then refine the skills to a higher technical level and a higher fitness level towards the end of the week. This levels holiday program will cover all the strokes with hopes of improving all the swimmers’ strokes.


45 minute sessions

This training session will focus on competitive swimming style training as a ‘trial’ for how competitive teams training. All strokes will be assessed for technique and aimed to be improved. Emphasis will be placed on increasing distance swam whilst maintaining strong technique. 

Optional Video Analysis. 

For advanced students, we are offering video analysis of their stroke. This will enable students to observe their own technique and will help them understand and improve their stroke. The video will be recorded both above and below the waterline.

Cost $30.00 includes a review with the coach.  

Holiday Program costs.

  1. Juniors 30 mins; $80.00
  2. Seniors 45 mins; $110.00

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School Holiday Programme

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