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Why Join Synergy?

We bring a fresh approach, our boutique facility combines the care and attention you’d expect from a Personal Training Studio with a wide range of innovative programs rarely found in the ‘big box’ gyms. Our small team of passionate and unpretentious professionals have a wide range of expertise from hi performance to rehabilitation and fat loss.

Our experience tells us that there are 4 key ingredients that are the secret to our members’ success.

1. A Great Environment

A Great Environment

At Synergy you can expect to work out with a great range of equipment brands in clean and tidy facilities, with no overcrowding. More importantly it’s the unpretentious and friendly staff and members that give our clubs the welcoming and vibrant buzz that make it such great place to work out.

2. Strength in numbers – training in groups

Strength in numbers – training in groups

Research shows that 86% of members who participate in group activities like Fitness Classes, Team Training or Small Group Training are more motivated, attend more regularly and achieve their goals. Our group programmes have something for everyone and we regularly release new innovations to stay ahead of the latest fitness trends.

3. Quality – Variety – Fun!

Quality – Variety – Fun!

Our team know how to bring out the best of you while making your sessions so much fun that it becomes addictive. You’ll never be bored with a wide variety of Small Group Training Sessions and always something new to try. Our regular ‘members challenges’ can also add a boost to your motivation.

4. Facilities


If you’re looking for those extras like relaxing sauna, swimming pool, freestyle training spaces, reformer Pilates we’ve got you covered.

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Options from $16.90 per week here

Gym or Swim Only Membership

( Priced Weekly From )
  • Enjoy our Cardio, Toning and Strength Training Zones and Free Group Fitness Classes.
  • 'Basic" Tailored Fitness Plan.
  • Pool, Sauna & Aquafit.
  • 20m Saltwater Heated Pool - 3 lanes.
  • 12 month shown ( 6 or 18 month also).
  • $59 Admin fee applies.
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Full Membership

Priced Weekly
  • Get noticeable and lasting results with 12 months club membership.
  • Includes 'Basic' Tailored Fitness Plan.
  • Enjoy our Cardio, Toning and Strength Training Zones and Free Group Fitness Classes.
  • Includes Aquafit Classes and Pool & Infra Red Sauna Use.
  • 6 & 18 month options & discount for prompt payment available.
  • $59 admin fee applies.
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Pre Pay - No Contract

Priced Weekly
  • Enjoy our Cardio, Toning and Strength Training Zones.
  • Includes Pool & Infrared Sauna.
  • 5 business days cancellation required.
  • DD Weekly, fortnight, monthly – $59 admin fee applies.
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Conditions apply
$ ?
Call us to see if you qualify for;
  • Student Rates.
  • Corporate Rates.
  • Gold Card Holder.
  • Sponsored Athlete.

Tailored Fitness Plans

At Synergy we believe personalising how you start your fitness experience is the best way to help you achieve your health and fitness goals at your own pace. So whether your goal deserves a comprehensive support package or you’re a confident and experienced gym user we have an appropriate package to get you started. Our Membership options are varied and affordable.

Basic Gym Induction (The Minimum)

Suits experienced gym users with no injury considerations.
  • Basic screening, BP, weight, and height.
  • Exercise plan.
  • Gym orientation.
  • Small Group Training intro.
  • Follow up 6 visits later.

Standard Gym Induction (A Good Start)

The minimum requirement for first time gym users.
  • Health screening, BP, weight, and height.
  • 1-1 Planning for results.
  • Personalised Programme
  • Exercise demonstration and tuition.
  • Supervised training session.
  • Small Group Training intro.
  • Follow up 2 weeks later.

The Results Package (Fully Supported)

The perfect start to set you up for success at the Club.
  • Health screening, BP, weight, height.
  • 1-1 Planning for results.
  • Personalised Program.
  • Exercise demonstration and tuition.
  • Small Group Training intro.
  • Results Training Pack: Includes 3 x 1-1 personal training sessions over the first month of your membership.

Service Costs Only

  • Admin Fees: $59 (included in packages)
  • Diet Analysis: $149.00
  • Nutrition Support Plan: $129.00


  • I decided to ask for help as for years my membership cards hung on key chains unused. I’m so glad I did as I lost 11 kg’s from doing a mixture of the LeanFit challenge as well as regular Results HQ sessions. The trainers listened to my story and mentored me into increasing my health and fitness levels!*

    Sandra Rivera-Valladares
  • Attending RHQ sessions has done wonders for my fitness, figure and sleep. My first few weeks of RHQ I would be exhausted after a class, and so sore the next few days. I would never have thought about continuing to exercise after a session, however after a few weeks my fitness built up, and I even started doing 2 sessions back to back at lunchtime! I have started sleeping so much better since attending the RHQ sessions, and have also lost inches from my waist. RHQ is great for when you need a fast, but effective gym session, which is also fun, and will keep you coming back. I would recommend HQ for any fitness level, you’ll increase your fitness in no time!*

    Brianna Dean
  • Results HQ has done so much… I think first and foremost it’s kept me sane…. I always come at lunchtime and this breaks up my day perfectly… instead of having a mid-afternoon slump I’m am buzzing! If the day hasn’t been going too well; after about the fifth burpee I really don’t give a damn anymore…

  • Results HQ has allowed me to work out in a friendly and fun group personal training style, knowing that each time I do a RHQ session, it’s challenging and pushes me far beyond the limits I thought I had. By the end of a session I know I’ve completed a highly effective strength and/or cardio work out, but it’s the sense of personal achievement I get that amazes me every time, motivating me to return next time and do it all again….better!*

  • After working solo in the gym for a while to get back in shape, Results HQ took my fitness to the next level. Core was always my weakness, now it’s my strength.* The trainers keep it fresh, so you never know what you are walking into. You work to your fitness level, so even after going to many sessions, you are still pushing your limits. Results HQ got my fitness pumping, and continues to push me into areas that I’d never thought I’d do, and is challenging me every session.

  • I have been a lunchtime regular at Synergy Fitness for over five years.  With the appeal of a smaller inner-city gym that is close to the office with the bonus of a swimming pool, this was an easy decision to make.  What I didn’t anticipate was the friendliness of the staff and their commitment to help me to achieve my fitness goals – their advice and support has been second to none.  Recently signing up for the Results HQ program has encouraged me to lift the bar from my regular training routine to small group sessions where the only thing that is predictable is that I will be physically challenged – with a little friendly banter to encourage me on my way! A shout-out to Sarah, Lisa-Maree and Straddy for helping me along the way, I can’t imagine training anywhere else!

    Gary Kenny Member
    Gary Kenny