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Exercise and mood
One of the most important minerals is one that most of us aren’t paying attention to – and around half of the population is lacking. Magnesium is key for heart health, sleep, and keeping stress at bay and muscles healthy. Recent studies point out that we aren’t getting enough of it, and this may cause...
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The damper set does not control resistance! The damper is the lever on the side of the flywheel housing, or fan cage, that controls how much air flows into the cage. You can set the damper lever to a particular value from 1–10, indicating how much air is drawn into the cage on each stroke:...
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Brrr it’s cold out there, here we are right in the middle of a cold snap, how are you feeling! When the weather turns cold and daylight hours dwindle, it’s easy to blame seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for a blue mood. Sound like you, here’s 5 proven ways to lift your spirts and get you...
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