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Salt-water pools might conjure up visions of invigorating ocean swims, but they have little in common with the briny environment. All pools need treatment to sanitize the water. Health threats of pool water include bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that thrive and grow if unchecked. Many swimmers who suffer side effects from traditional chlorination systems...
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One of the most important minerals is one that most of us aren’t paying attention to – and around half of the population is lacking. Magnesium is key for heart health, sleep, and keeping stress at bay and muscles healthy. Recent studies point out that we aren’t getting enough of it, and this may cause...
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We are very excited to be bringing you our first member’s appreciation week, it just our way of thanking you for your continued membership at the club. Make sure you visit the club in our appreciation week Monday 10th October through to Friday 14th October.   Here’s whats on. Daily Facebook – Rebel Sport *$250...
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Brrr it’s cold out there, here we are right in the middle of a cold snap, how are you feeling! When the weather turns cold and daylight hours dwindle, it’s easy to blame seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for a blue mood. Sound like you, here’s 5 proven ways to lift your spirts and get you...
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