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This month we all celebrated the 1 year anniversary of becoming Synergy Health and Fitness. Thanks again for your continued support as a gym member and for helping celebrate the great gym and members we have! We celebrated in Members Appreciation week with Results HQ games, Zumba and Salsa classes and the daily exercisers draw...
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The Health Benefits of Sweat Whether you’re breaking a sweat at the gym or just walking down the road on a scorching day, you may be giving your health a huge boost. Here, experts describe the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of a little perspiration. Sweat Side Effect #1: Eases Pain Working up a sweat...
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A nibble here and a bite there Snacking may seem harmless, but it can pad your waistline with a surprising number of sneaky calories. While dining out, you proudly resist the breadbasket, order the grilled chicken, and opt for fruit salad instead of cake for dessert … but then steal a bite of your friend’s...
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