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LeanFit 8 Week Weight Loss Programme


8 weeks to strip your body fat*

Synergy Fitness runs an 8-week body transformation challenge combining cutting edge resistance and cardio workouts with the proven nutritional formula to take your results to the next level. You can start anytime!

Results are fast! After just 8 weeks of working out with your team of equally highly motivated training buddies attending 3+ challenging sessions a week led by your personal trainer, you’ll target those specific ‘problem areas’ with a focus on burning the fat away to reveal the fitter, more toned version of you.

Do you Struggle with Accountability and Motivation?

As part of the 8 weeks challenge you will receive your personal Myzone workout fitness tracker (you get to keep this). Myzone is a fitness tracker with 99.4% EKG accuracy that will drive your workouts to the next level. Our members love their Myzone fitness tracker. The MZ-3 is the most relevant and most versatile fitness tracker on the market, providing real-time feedback on heart-rate, calories burned, and effort. Your trainers will work with you and keep you working out in the correct heart rate zones to maximise the efficiency of your workouts. You will receive personal workout summaries. Stay motivated, set goals, and stay connected with Myzone (can be used both inside and outside the gym).

What You Get:

  1. Unlimited access to weekly small group training sessions
  2. Your personal Myzone Fitness Tracker (you get to keep this)
  3. Initial appointment with a trainer to set you up with your Myzone Fitness Tracker and advise a small group training schedule
  4. Advice on nutrition
  5. 50% discount for body fat analysis appointments

Investment is $49 per week for 8 weeks

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