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Synergy’s Trainers are professionally qualified, our facilities are REPs accredited (Registered Exercise Professionals), as are our Trainers. Criteria for accreditation includes regular professional development.

Be one of the 80% that achieve better results – faster.*

Be one of the 80% that achieve better results – faster.

Independent Studies reveal that 80% of people that work regularly with a Trainer achieve better results – faster. If you are new to training at the gym then getting the right guidance early on will set the platform for good technique and training habits. Your trainer will assess your current fitness levels, help you set smart goals and design a program that considers both the time you have available to exercise and any injuries you may have.

Regardless of your goal, age or level of experience working you’ll benefit from working regularly with a Personal Trainer.

  • Personalisation – a program designed specifically for you.
  • Adaptation – as performance and technique improves, your program evolves.
  • Safety – be supervised by an experienced professional
  • Accountability – a commitment to a regular appointment
  • Quality Training – session intensity and the latest techniques and exercises
  • Faster results – Maximum Results in Minimum Time.
Expect passion…

enthusiasm, motivation and innovation! We are always looking at the latest research and trends to give our clients the edge.

Our team includes elite athletes and specialists in fat loss, injury rehabilitation, sports performance and body building. All our trainers provide general fitness and wellness coaching and can provide commonsense nutritional advice.

* *Results may vary from person to person. T&Cs are applicable.