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Accelerated Training

Like minded members with a common goal, a group workout with a personal touch!

Team Training brings people with a common goal together in a small group under the coaching and motivation of one of our Personal Trainers. Because it’s more challenging (and more fun!) than training alone or in a large class you’ll get the results you want results faster. The dynamics of Team Training are a proven success as the encouragement of the group keeps your efforts honest.

  • Supportive and competitive environment
  • Programmes specifically structured to achieve specific goals
  • 6 – 10 week plans with typically 3-4 sessions per week
  • Ideal for event preparations whether it’s recreational, sport or personal

Team Training currently offered.

Fat Loss

8 weeks to change your shape!*

LeanFit is an 8-week body transformation challenge combining cutting edge resistance and cardio workouts with the proven nutritional formula to take your results to the next level.

Results are fast! after just 8 weeks of working out with your team of equally highly motivated training buddies attending 3 challenging sessions a week led by your personal trainer, you’ll target those specific ‘problem area’s’ with a focus on burning the fat away to reveal the fitter, more toned version of you.

Is Nutrition a challenge? Along with tracking your eating, following our nutrition guidelines and weighing ins weekly if nutrition is a challenge for you we’ve sourced the best fat burning supplements to replace snack food.

Success is not a simple formula you’ll need to earn it so each week there’s new information to empower you and new challenges to change you.

  • Want to shed some unwanted body fat and look, feel better
  • Struggle to apply the best nutrition plan
  • Get frustrated with the lack of results from ‘going it alone’
  • Train better / harder when pushed by a trainer in a small team environment
  • Have the desire to change but not the tools

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