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Swim News Term 1 – 2019

Welcome everyone; Hope you all enjoyed a great break over Christmas, didn’t pass quickly! Hopefully you’ve been able to take advantage of this beautiful weather and spend some time swimming at our lovely pools, rivers and beaches. A short newsletter is downloadable Swim Newsletter Term 1 2019 with some important information about the upcoming term. […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Tip – Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Is All the Rage—But Is It Healthy? The eating (or, not eating) trend is linked to various health benefits, but it’s more complicated than it seems. When you hear the word “fasting,” you probably think of gimmicky diets—and feeling “hangry.” But a growing body of research suggests that cycling super low-calorie days into […]

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Staying fit over Christmas

Festive Season Fitness Guide Maintenance exercise routines One of the hardest things to do when your time is in short supply is to maintain an exercise routine. If you usually exercise a few times a week, the extra demands on your time can mean that something has to give. However, reduced training doesn’t mean that […]

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The benefits of our Salt Water Pool.

Salt-water pools might conjure up visions of invigorating ocean swims, but they have little in common with the briny environment. All pools need treatment to sanitize the water. Health threats of pool water include bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that thrive and grow if unchecked. Many swimmers who suffer side effects from traditional chlorination systems […]

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Omega-3’s, Please.

Natures anti-inflammatory Fish oil is full of anti-inflammatory and artery-clearing omega-3 fatty acids that help protect your heart. Additionally, these fatty acids may also help fuel your metabolism. In a study, people whose diet included daily fish oil and exercised three days a week for 12 weeks lost a significant amount of weight and body […]

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Pre-season Core Training Plan

Prehabilitation – Why you should include Core Stability Training in Pre-Season. As an athlete chances are at some time you’ll incur an injury involving damage to, your back, groin, hamstrings or knee, often your physiotherapist or trainer will prescribe core stability exercises as part of your rehabilitation. Be prepared… Prehabilitation, historically pre season training programs […]

Swim News Term 4 – 2018

Welcome everyone; We are nearly at the end of the year! Hopefully, after your term swimming, water confidence has grown. Just remember to always keep watch when your child is near water! Thanks for swimming here at Synergy and we wish you a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the […]

Swim News Term 3 – 2018

Welcome everyone; We have hopefully now had the coldest of the weather, thanks to you all for fighting your way through the cold to attend your swimming lessons. Leading into the summer season is the most important time to get your children ‘water confident’ and ‘swim fit’, ready for the long beach and pool days […]

Winter 2018 News

Welcome, Everyone! It’s great to be over halfway through winter, it’s proving to be a great one for skiers and winter sports alike. We hope you’re staying fit and well and not struggling too much for motivation over these colder months. In this short newsletter we talk about our recent Gold Status – NZ Swim […]

Swim News Term 2 – 2018

Welcome everyone; Thanks swimmers and family for swimming with us through the start of the winter season, we are nearly halfway through the swim school year. All of us at Synergy hope you have had a great term and look forward to seeing you next term! We’ve got GOLD! Quality Swim School Awarded by Swimming […]

Swim News Term 1 – 2018

Hi everyone; From all the instructors and other staff at Synergy we hope you have had a great term and have gotten back into the swing of the school terms smoothly after summer! As usual we would like to thank all our swimmers and their families for swimming with us. Download a .pdf of this […]

Swim Squad – Freestyle Lessons

ADULT SWIM SQUAD Starts April. ADULT SWIM SQUAD is for competent to – advanced adult swimmers. With no more than 3 -4 swimmers per lane the sessions focus on developing fitness and technique over the term. – Sessions on Thursdays 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm – 10 week block @ $249.00 NEW! FREESTYLE SWIM LESSONS. […]

Easter Hours – Reasons to eat Chocolate

We are closed Good Friday and opening Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8am to 4pm 3 GOOD REASONS TO EAT CHOCOLATE I’m sorry milk chocolate fans we’re talking Dark chocolate here! 1. It’s good for your heart. Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant, and cocoa is rich in compounds called flavonoids, which help protect your heart. […]